Litter Collections

In order to help secure the preservation of this green space, The Friends Group is organising regular litter collections in the Fields. Our next one is 29th March 2020. See details in the adjoining panel.

The spring event in 2019 was held in conjunction with the Clean Up Edinburgh campaign. The council provided a kit of tabards, bags and grabber sticks, and after a couple of hours the team had collected fourteen bags of litter -  plus some larger unidentified objects. A lot of the rubbish consisted of discarded plastic bottles, cans, and many, many dog-poo bags!


Can we appeal to everyone who uses the Fields to take their rubbish home with them? We learned that sports teams have to spend ten minutes removing dog mess from the pitches before they can use them each week!  

Above: A corner of the Fields before the collection.


Below: The result of an afternoon's hard labour

Some of the Friends group returned a few days later to tackle the remaining rubbish in the far corner of the Fields. In two hours four people collected another 12 bags of rubbish, a shopping trolley and a shattered flat-screen TV! There's till a lot more buried under layers of leaf mould, so if you see litter in the Playing Fields, please collect it and bin it.

Upcoming Events


Unfortunately, our usual litter picks have had to be abandoned because of the Covid epidemic.

Watch this space for the next one once life gets back to normal.